Seattle Traffic Map

Seattle Traffic Map
for Windows Phone 7

The best traffic map for Seattle on Windows Phone 7!

Seattle Traffic Map allows you to easily view traffic you care about most, at a glance right from your home screen!

Seattle Traffic Map for Windows Phone 7 allows you to easily keep track of traffic conditions in the Seattle area. We've designed the application to be fast and as easy to use as possible.

Using "mini maps" that are pinned to your home screen live tile, you can quickly see current traffic for a selected area and "glance and go".

To get started, simply visit the Marketplace on your Windows Phone 7 device and search for Seattle Traffic Map or view the Seattle Traffic Map app in the Zune client. The app is currently priced at $1.99.


  • Live Tiles - select a "mini-map" as a live tile and we'll push the mini map complete with the current traffic conditions to your home screen "live tile" every hour - this allows you to "glace and go"
  • Startup Map - add a favorite map called "start" and the app will open the map upon startup - from application launch to live data in ~3 seconds (depending on network connectivity)
  • Low data usage - only a 200MB data plan? For traffic data only, the application uses less than ~5kB of data each time you refresh
  • Easy access to the Seattle area Traffic Flow Map
  • Easy access to over 150 Traffic Cameras
  • Easy to use interface
  • Favorites - add favorite maps, cameras & travel times. You can even select a single map view to show on startup
  • Auto-refresh - Maps or Cameras are automatically refreshed as often as every 2 minutes

Screenshots (Click to Enlarge)

map selection

camera selection

camera detail
+add favorite


travel times
+add favorite

settings for refresh
and live tiles

default seattle
area map

map view with
cameras selected

cameras transitioning
to front

cameras in front

camera zoom

add favorite

add favorite

default tile

live tile updates
every hour

seattle map
coverage area

Demonstration Video

Supported Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the live tiles work?

The Seattle Traffic Map live tile functionality allows you to view a mini-map of a pre-selected area. You set this in the settings section of the application along with how often you want the live tile to update. You can select from 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 4 hours. The maps and your live tile are refreshed "on the hour" or half hour if you select 30 minutes.

Where do the traffic flow and camera images come from?

The images are copyright of Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), City of Seattle and City of Bellevue. We are merely providing an easy to use interface to access the images.

I live in Anytown, when will you have maps and cameras for my area?

Let us know where you live and we'll see if we can add the functionality to our application. Contact Us and provide the name of your town and if possible a link to any existing traffic flow maps and cameras.

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